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MusiXTeX and Related Software

MusiXTeX, created by Daniel Taupin, Ross Mitchell, and Andreas Egler, is a set of macros and fonts that enables TeX to typeset music. To use it, at a minimum you must copy the macro and font files to the right directories in your particular TeX file structure, have the binary musixflx available to run, and have a TeX input file containing the proper commands. It's a three pass system: TeX, musixflx, then TeX again.

To simplify inputting instrumental music there is the preprocessor PMX by Don Simons, which creates a TeX input file. For vocal music, there is M-Tx, a preprocessor for PMX by Dirk Laurie. It provides easy access to the functionality of the TeX macro package for lyrics called musixlyr, by Rainer Dunker.

This page has short descriptions of most of the current files. Experienced users or those seeking an older file may wish to bypass this page and browse the directory. That is the only access to some older versions of current software (many past versions of MusiXTeX, useful for tracking changes), files for MusiXTeX's historical predecessors MusicTeX and MuTeX, and some other files that are not linked to from any web pages.

MusiXTeX Files
Basic distributions, containing TeX-macros, font descriptions, font-definitions and documentation. These have all that is needed for most MusiXTeX installations, although they are tailored toward MS Windows, and as such include batch files for both installing and running MusiXTeX. TeX users whose installation is compliant with the TeX Directory Standard (TDS), including MikTeX on Windows or TeXLive on any of several architectures, might prefer the MusiXTeX distribution available here.
MusiXTeX documentation only
HOWTO install MusiXTeX, PMX, and M-Tx under Linux/Unix (C. Mondrup)
HOWTO install MiKTeX, MusiXTeX and Friends under Windows 2000 (23 November 2003, Eva Jaksch)
Musixflx binaries for various systems. If using Windows or if you can compile the C source, you won't need this.
Examples, compositions and arrangements by Daniel Taupin (TeX input files ready for processing)
Fonts: If you've configured TeX to make bitmapped fonts on the fly, you won't need any of this file set. If you use bitmapped fonts but do not make them on the fly, you'll need one of the following depending on dpi resolution
As an alternative to bitmaps, we have type 1 (postscript) versions of all the MusiXTeX fonts, created by Takanori Uchiyama. The font files are now included in the basic distribution
Postscript Slur Package K (Ver 0.92, 12 May 02) by Stanislav Kneifl. This is supported by PMX. The slurs will not be visible in DVI viewers, but can be viewed with ghostscript/ghostview. They do not work with dvipdfm.
Postscript Slur Package M (Ver 0.53, 21 July 09) by Hiroaki Morimoto. The package requires MetaPost. It will work with DVI viewers and dvipdfm. PMX does not expressly support it but does support MusiXTeX font-based slurs, with which this package should be compatible.
Reference/display page: Shows the most common commands and the typeset results.
Muswin is a ZIP file containing five major auxiliary packages (PMX, M-Tx, psslur-K, musixlyr, and musixser) in Windows/MiKTeX-friendly directory structures. (Updated 30 May 05)
PMX is a preprocessor for MusiXTeX. It builds the TeX input file based on a PMX input file in a much simpler language, making most of the layout decisions by itself. All data are entered into a single file for the full score, up to 12 parts. An auxilliary program makes parts from a score. PMX has most of MusiXTeX's functionality, but it also permits in-line TeX to give access to virtually all of MusiXTeX. For proof-listening, PMX can make a MIDI file of your score.
Complete distributions: FORTRAN source, binaries, documentation, examples.
Beta/bugfix/binary-only Versions
Documentation only
PMX Tips and Tricks, contributed by PMX users.
M-Tx is a preprocessor for PMX that facilitates inputting lyrics. It builds the PMX input file based on a language very similar to PMX. M-Tx includes most of PMX's functionality, but it also permits in-line PMX commands to give access to virtually all of PMX.
Complete distributions Version 0.60, 31 March 2005
Documentation:: Version 0.60, 31 March 2005., PDF, ZIP of TeX and M-Tx sources.
Patch version 0.60d 19 October 2008 Readme, Pascal source files, Pascal source files with OSX binary, Pascal source files with Win32 binary
Examples: Kanons , Halleluja.
Links to Other Free Software Related to MusiXTeX
Viewing and printing Postscript and PDF - Ghostscript/Ghostview; Acrobat Reader.
dos2unix corrects end-of-line characters in text files created in DOS so that they can be used in Linux/unix.Info , tarball.

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