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"Tips and Tricks" with PMX

This page contains

  1. some tips on how to avoid errors or improve efficiency in writing PMX source files (a kind of FAQ list),
  2. a collection of simple (and not so simple) PMX "tricks" with which you can accomplish tasks that are not realizable directly, i.e. with generic PMX commands. Often these are simply some TeX macros that access some of the more complicated MusiXTeX commands.
  3. user comments: mailings to the TeX-music mailing list that are not about a specific problem or issue, but of general relevance for the MusiXTeX community.

All the tips and tricks and comments were contributed by members of the TeX-music mailing list. The collection is continually updated with such new contributions as will be of general interest to the PMX user community.

Each item in the tricks collection consists of

The usefulness of this collection depends on your contributions. If you know such a "trick" that you feel will be generally useful, please send it to the maintainer of this page: Cornelius C. Noack mail, attaching the abovementioned files.


installation instructions for MusixteX T115 pmx sample source file for testing T115 installation
sample batch file for running a pmx source runpmx.bat
the R symbol: double bars, repeats etc.


Octaviation notation pmx example (contr. C.C.Noack 17 Feb 04)
Changing the bar numbers in midstream pmx example (contr. C.C.Noack  2 Mar 04)
Using 8bit-encoded characters (accents etc.) with M-Tx and PMX M-Tx example (contr. Olivier Vogel  6 Mar 04)
Shorthand of consecutive quavers in PMX PMX example
example 2
(contr. Andre Van Ryckeghem  11 May 11)
Changing the page layout in PMX PMX example 1
PMX example 2
(contr. Andre Van Ryckeghem
22 Mar 04, revised 05 May 03)
Aligning caesura and breath marks PMX example (contr. Andre Van Ryckeghem  31 Mar 04)
Staff-jumping chords in PMX PMX example (contr. Andre Van Ryckeghem  8 Mar 05)
3 voices with PMX ?? Yes!! PMX source ex. 1
PMX source ex. 2
PMX source ex. 3
example 2
(contr. Olivier Vogel; 2005 May 13)
Use of the ABC preprocessor with M-Tx / PMX (contr. Christian Mondrup; 2005 May 31)
Using the "turn" ornament in PMX (contr. C.C. Noack; 2007 July 17)
Entering a special dynamic a mark in PMX (contr. C.C. Noack; 2011 Jun 29)


Some tests of postscript vs. bitmapped slurs (contr. Eva Jaksch 15 Mar 04)
Moving arpeggio symbols to the left     (new in PMX v 2.503) (contr. ccn 09 May 04)
Typesetting beamed chord notes with PMX pmx source
example 1
example 2
(contr. A. V.R. and Don Simons; ccn 06 Feb 05)

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