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Downloading and Installing

If you don't already have them, you need to get TeX, MusiXTeX, and Perl. You can get them off of a CD, from your favorite download site, or, if all else fails, go to the websites at,, and Install these, following the instructions for your platform.

Then get and hld2mtex from here. You'll need to put `hld2mtex' into a directory that's in your path, and you may need to make it executable. You should put `' into the tex directory structure, perhaps into the same directory where the musix mf files are. Then you may need to run a command called `mktexlsr' to let tex know where everything is.

To test things out, download alleluia.hld from the previous page, and type:

hld2mtex alleluia.hld
tex alleluia.tex
dvips alleluia.dvi
If all goes well, you'll end up with a page of music on your printer.

If you'd like to grab all of the bits and pieces that I've made in one fell swoop, you can get either a zipped or tarred file. This includes the font and the hld2mtex script, along with these html pages and the transcriptions that I've done thus far.

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