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MusiXTeX Files

Here you find Daniel Taupin's MusiXTeX, a TeX-based system to typeset music. MusiXTeX is a successor of MusicTeX, which is a successor of MuTeX.

The file set comprises five parts; only the first is needed for most systems.

- TeX-macros, font descriptions, font-definitions and documentation as zip-file

Older versions are available too as zip-files named

Zip-files containing only the differences between older versions are named for the step from version iii to version nnn.

If you want to use these diff-files you may have to rename them either when ftp'ing them or when unzipping them. The diff-files do not contain the dvi-file of the documention, because you may produce this yourself from the source musixdoc.tex, which is contained if it has been changed.

- Compiled documentation, either as a file ready for HP-Laserjet-printers in, or as compressed Postscript-file in

-, which contains compiled versions of a C-program that is needed to run MusiXTeX, for a lot of different systems. Mac-users may need this file. Dos users will not, as the DOS binary is already contained in, Unix-users are used to compiling C-programs.

- Some examples, compositions and arrangements by Daniel Taupin in the file

- The files,, and, which contain the fonts for MusiXTeX with 300, 360 or 600 dpi. One of these is needed only for TeX-systems which do not generate fonts on the fly.

The base material (the zip-files) is copied from Daniel Taupin's ftp-server. Diff-files are generated by Don Simons.

There is a mailing-list for discussions about MusiXTeX and related software.

This web site also contain other software that enhances the functionality of MusiXTeX.

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