Andre Van Ryckeghem, september 08 2003

I almost met Daniel at the TUG days in Holland a few years ago. At the last moment I was prevented, but a colleague met him there and reported me all details.

My first mail to Daniel was probably 10 years ago. I thought I had found an error in musixtex.tex. I was afraid to mention it and asked him how to solve a problem I had. I am sure everyone knows his answer: "read the manual" which I did, and it was all there. Anyway it helped me to understand musixtex. It happened that I posed a problem and a few hours later I saw appear a new version of musixtex with the adaptions. It was so fast that I doubted whether it was a reaction on my mail or he had just coincidally made an update.

Daniel Taupin is one of the unbelievable smart minds in making a music typing program that handles all exceptions. Even Donald E. Knuth honoured him with a link to musixtex.

2003-09-08, Christian Mondrup, Werner Icking Music Archive

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