Eric Petersen, february 15 2001

O, life is not fair. Werner's enthusiasm made him seem forever young, and his warmth and generosity made him a friend. As I tried-and failed-to write this note yesterday I wondered why the faraway death of someone I had never met should move me so deeply, but the outpouring of emotion on this list has made me realize that I am not alone. For we are a community and Werner was our hub. Our loss, while slight compared to that suffered by his family, is real and should be grieved; the messages on this list are a testament to Werner's kind and decent nature.

On his web page describing bicycle routes between Siegburg and GMD, Werner titled one "der schöne weg"-the beautiful way: Werner, I hope you are forever on "der schöne weg," with the memories of all you loved and of all who loved you. You will be missed.

Auf Wiedersehen, Freund.

2001-05-09, Christian Mondrup, Werner Icking Music Archive

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