Photo of Christof K. Biebricher

Christof K. Biebricher passed away on February 17, 2009, ten months after being diagnosed with incurable leukemia. As a biophysical chemist he would have been resigned to the outcome. But his own comment put matters in perspective: "Ich kann dankbar sein für ein sehr interessantes und schönes Leben" ("I can be grateful for an interesting and beautiful life")

We in the TeX-Music community can be grateful for his valuable contributions. There are beautifully executed editions, many of them prepared especially for his church choir. And there is clear and accurate documentation, in English for font installation, and a translation from Italian to German of the lengthy tutorial for PMX and MusiXTeX. Christof was a true polyhistor practicing his science and musicianship with equal compassion.

Christian Mondrup, Don Simons