WIMA has merged with IMSLP, the International Music Score Library Project

Werner Icking Music Archive was initiated 2001 as a continuation of the GMD Music Archive upon the sudden, too early death of its founder, Werner Icking.

Since the start of WIMA, more than 10 years ago, our collection of classical music scores had grown into one of the largest of its kind, comprising works by more than 1000 composers. I can't say exactly how many different compositions were offered in WIMA. There were, however, about 65000 pdf files in WIMA corresponding to 30000 - 40000 distinct compositions.

Now all WIMA scores, audio files and engraving source files have become part of the International Music Score Library Project, IMSLP. Upon the transfer of WIMA files IMSLP has doubled its size from about 100.000 to 210.000 files. The transferred WIMA files form an IMSLP sub collection, the WIMA collection. I encourage all WIMA contributors to continue contributing to IMSLP

Yours sincerely
2012-07-23, Christian Mondrup, Werner Icking Music Archive